Jaffe Glenn Law Group strives to protect and defend workers' rights in New York, NY, Caldwell, Princeton & Union, NJ. It is illegal to be treated unfairly by an employer because of your race, or the color of your skin or your national origin. You should not be discriminated against by your employer based on your age or a disability that you have. You should not be treated differently because of your gender. These are some of the categories of discrimination under state and/or federal law, in which, as New Jersey Discrimination Lawyers and New York Discrimination Lawyers, we can assist you in standing up for your rights. Do not allow yourself to be victimized by your employer. You deserve to be treated fairly in your employment. To that end, it is imperative that you follow your employer's policy regarding complaints for improper treatment, and put your complaints in writing.

There are federal, state, and in some jurisdictions, even local laws, that protect workers from discriminatory treatment in the workplace. The discrimination may occur during the interview or hiring process, or while at work for an employer. The discriminatory treatment may result in termination from employment. If you, or anyone you know, has suffered from any of these demeaning, demoralizing, and illegal acts, please contact our New Jersey Discrimination attorneys.

Discrimination can upset both your work life and your personal life. If these situations sound or feel familiar, we can help you. The Jaffe Glenn Law Group, is dedicated to and compassionate about protecting workers and their right to be free from illegal discriminatory conduct both in New Jersey and in New York. We pride ourselves on correcting the wrongs against workers in the form of discrimination, regardless of the size of the violating company. Our law firm has represented thousands of employees and has experience as litigators in both the office as well as in the courtroom.

The Jaffe Glenn Law Group knows how very difficult it is to relive these humiliating events, but a failure to do so will only allow your employer's unlawful behavior to continue. Contact our office and we will help you regain your strength as well as obtain the compensation that you deserve. Don't settle for less, contact a New Jersey discrimination lawyer with the Jaffe Glenn Law Group to fight for your rights. Please call Jaffe Glenn Law Group to stand up for your rights at (201) 687-9977.