Don't Let Race Discrimination Hurt Your Career

You can defend yourself with race discrimination law in New York, NY, Caldwell, Princeton & Union, NJ

If you've received unequal treatment from your employer because of your race, you're not alone. Jaffe Glenn Law Group handles a variety of cases dealing with race discrimination law in New York, NY or Princeton, NJ. We'll work with you to protect your rights as a worker.

Race discrimination takes place in many different scenarios, some more obvious than others. These situations most commonly occur when your employer is filling a management position. To hide their discrimination and seem fair, your employer may open the job to all qualified applicants, creating an appearance that all are being considered for the position.

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Not all discrimination cases are the same

Do you need a race discrimination attorney? You may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are other employees being paid more than you or being promoted and you're not solely because of your race?
  • Did someone else, equally or less qualified, receive a job instead of you based solely on race?
  • Did you experience reverse discrimination based on race?
  • Has your employer placed job requirements that exclude you, based on the color of your skin?
  • Has your employer placed job requirements that exclude you based on other race-linked characteristics, like afros, facial features or height?
  • Has your employer used selection criteria that disadvantage people of certain races, like arrest records, educational requirements, testing or general intelligence requirements?

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