Protect Your Rights as a Worker

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Gender discrimination has plagued the American workforce for centuries. Today, workers can fight back. A gender discrimination attorney from Jaffe Glenn Law Group in Princeton, NJ and NYC can help you defend your rights in the court of law.

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Are you a victim of gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination occurs when an employee is disadvantaged due to their gender or sex. For example, a male-dominant sector of the business world may pass a woman over for a position even if she's the most qualified. If no other women are in this level of management or in a position to give input as to whom the company hires, the situation can become worse.

This fact pattern may be discriminatory, unless the employer has a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) defense, meaning the employer can prove:

  • A direct relationship between sex and the ability to perform the duties of the job
  • A BFOQ necessary to perform the central task of the job
  • There are no less-restrictive or reasonable alternatives available

The BFOQ defense is interpreted very narrowly and the burden of proof is on the employer. Our legal team at Jaffe Glenn Law Group is well-versed in gender discrimination law and can help you better understand your situation and plan your next move. Meet with a gender discrimination attorney in NYC and Princeton, NJ today to get started on your case.