You Have a Right to Equality in the Workplace

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Are you treated differently at work because of your ethnicity or country of origin? Jaffe Glenn Law Group aims to protect workers of all ethnicities from employment discrimination in New York, NY or Princeton, NJ.

All too often, we have clients come to us as victims of national origin discrimination. For example, in our country's current climate, many employees from Mexico are passed over from getting hired or promoted for positions, even when they're more qualified than other prospective hires.

If you're facing discrimination in the workplace, it's time to take action. Make an appointment with the employment law team at Jaffe Glenn Law Group in Princeton, NJ today.

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Employment discrimination comes in many forms. Sometimes, employees are terminated because of their national origin or their objective appearance to others. That's why national origin discrimination is treated broadly to include groups not necessarily independent nations. Our legal team has experience with a variety of cases and can advise you on your best move.

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